Need to setup your Google Analytics for your site?

Take a moment to imagine a website that is getting 1000 users a day. Now imagine that about 20 of them are spending money on the site. You probably want to get more of the users that are spending money on the site but how do you know where these users are coming from? Maybe you know that all of them are coming from Twitter or Facebook but do you know which post or tweet refers the most people who actually convert to customers? Or, how do you know how many signed up to receive your lead magnet?

This is where analytics comes in. Analytics allows us to track where visitors come from and how they behave on your website. You can see which tweet or post brought the most users to your site. Then, you can also see which tweet or post brought the most users who converted into customers. Analytics allows you to see which pages the visitors go to, how long they are on each page, where they come from, and much more.

We can help!

We can get your Google Analytics setup and ready for you to use. We will:

  • Set up your Google Analytics
  • Install Google Analytics on your website
  • Set up initial views and filters your site needs
  • Set up a dashboard which will show you the most useful data which can be emailed to you regularly
  • 1-hour training on a video call. The call is then recorded and sent to you so you can refer back to it.

Ready to start using analytics?

Let’s get your Google Analytics set up today! For only a one-time payment of $198, you can easily get started using analytics to improve your marketing.